Angel Readings

angel therapy

Receive meaningful, loving messages from your Angels to heal and harmonize your life. Got questions on your life purpose, career, relationships, health or spiritual gifts? Sarah communicates with the Angels to receive uplifting guidance and insight to help you realize your highest spiritual potential. Working with the Angels is a tremendous opportunity for enriching the quality of your life and for strengthening your relationship with the divine.


Angelic Energy Healing


In need of healing? Receive deep energy healing from the Angels to uplift and restore your body, mind and spirit. Sarah channels the energy of the Angels in deeply relaxing, guided meditative sessions to remove blocks, cut etheric cords, clear your energy, and uplift your vibration towards peace and health. Journey into your innermost self to discover your truth and heal all areas of your life.



God's Saving Hand

Mediumship is the art of communication with deceased loved ones. Our loved ones on the other side are still very much with us and a part of our lives. Mediumship readings are an opportunity to receive healing messages of love from them and to know that our loved ones are safely continuing to grow and live in spirit. Sarah offers one on one sessions as well as group sessions for those who would like to experience the Mediumship with their family members and friends at their side.




Reiki (“rei”, meaning spiritual or sacred, and “ki” meaning energy) is a Japanese energy healing modality. It is a laying on of hands technique in which “ki”, or universal energy is channeled through the palms of the healer and into the body of the patient. This allows the flow of your body’s energy to balance and more fluently move through you in a way that removes blockages, eliminates stress, and restores vitality and well-being. It works in union with all levels of your being including your chakra system, your physical body, emotions, mind and spirit. Reiki possess its own intelligence and naturally flows where it is needed, accomplishing exactly what your body needs for restoration.

  • Accelerates natural healing
  • Relieves stress, pain, and physical tension
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Is effective on all physical ailments
  • Increases mental clarity and vitality
  • Releases emotional blockages
  • Can be sent over a distance

While Reiki is intensively therapeutic, cleansing, and revitalizing, Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions or interfere with professional medical treatment. Reiki can, however, be used in conjunction with any other therapeutic modality as a powerful supplement to the natural healing process.


Shamanic Journey

Lights of the Soul

Shamanism is an ancient Earth-based spiritual modality dating back thousands of years and shared among tribal cultures from nearly every continent on Earth. Shamanic Journeying is a practice in exploring the spirit plane through lucid psychic projection. During Shamanic Journeys we can experience a vast array of astral adventures ranging from meeting and connecting with spirit guides (including plant and animal totems), receiving divine guidance, and learning to increase our psychic and healing abilities. Shamanic Journeying is always an empowering, healing experience. It helps us to remember the true nature of our power as conscious, spiritual beings, and the infinite depth to which we can experience the connectedness of life in all of its manifestations. It is truly an art form in consciousness expansion.

Sarah teaches others how to Journey in safe, meaningful and healing ways. She teaches what it is to experience astral projection and how to gently and lovingly channel that ability. With the help of your spirit guides, Sarah facilitates energy healing work during these journeys to bring messages about your psychic and spiritual growth, and to help you grow in your psychic awareness.

Sarah leads Shamanic Journeying in both groups and private one on one sessions.


Past Life Healing

Figure emerges from light

Remembering Past Lives can be an incredible healing experience, and a transformational means of stepping into your spiritual power. Often times, blocks, fears or challenges that we face in this lifetime are rooted in karmic experiences from the past. The healing catharsis of a past life regression is like removing such blocks at the roots: it clears away challenges and fears in one easy swoop! Our past lives can help us to better understand ourselves, our soul mate relationships, and our life’s purpose in exciting and empowering ways. With the help of the Angels and other heavenly guides, Sarah helps you to energetically heal and release anything from your past lives that no longer serves you, as well as to bring your psychic and spiritual abilities from these lives to the forefront.

Sarah offers past life readings as well as guided past life regressions.


Spiritual Life Coaching


Looking for guidance? Spiritual Life Coaching connects you with the innate power and healing within your soul. Receive compassionate listening, intuitive insights, and spiritually based support as you learn to heal your life and discover your truth.

  • Learn the power of intention setting
  • Discover the higher purpose of your life’s situations
  • Deepen your self love and self trust
  • Learn how to re-program your thought-patterns
  • Get in touch with your deepest feelings
  • Learn to trust the power of your intuition
  • Manifest your best life



  • Private Sessions: Private sessions are offered by Phone, Skype, Facetime, Zoom or in person for $115/hour, $75/half hour, $175/90 minutes, $230/two hours.
  • Packages: Monthly packages may be purchased at $300 and include 3 one hour sessions to be used during the span of one month. Any additional readings you wish to schedule that month may be added to your package at $100 per one-hour session.
  • Email Readings: Detailed email readings are available for 30 minutes at $65, one hour at $100, or two hours at $200.
  • 12-Month Angel Card Reading: An email reading including spiritual guidance for each month of the year may be purchased at $220. This reading is perfect for the new year, birthdays, or any personal new beginning.
  • Distance Energy Healing: Distance energy healing is offered at $65 for a thirty minute healing session and includes a detailed email follow-up with feedback and divine guidance from your healing.
  • Workshops and Public Events: Sarah teaches workshops and speaks at public events on Spirituality, Angels, Past Lives, Energy Healing, Shamanic Journey, and Psychic Development. To host an event contact me for further information and booking at
  • Click Here to Schedule your Appointment.


  • Sarah Hall is an Earth Angel to the grieving parent who gives selflessly to our healing process. Her messages are accurate, healing and delivered with such grace. Sarah gives back to Voice of Our Angels on a regular basis by delivering messages from our children in Heaven. She has saved many a life by doing so. When a loved one speaks through her it fills the heart with hope to move forward in life and undoubtedly shows that they really are OK. Anyone who comes into her Divine light is Blessed!–Annmarie M. - Reiki Master and Founder of Voice of Our Angels Support Group

  • I remember being so nervous to have my first reading done. My daughter Ashley, who has passed on to heaven, being the quiet person that she is (haha) got Sarah's attention right away. I was amazed how Sarah was able to tell me so many personal things only I would know. She made my experience wonderful. Thank you Sarah for all you have done for me! You are truly a gifted, brilliant lady.–Kara L.

  • I met Sarah Hall at Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Practitioner course in Hawaii in 2010. I have gotten countless readings with her since, and each one has been so powerful, so rich with information and the most eloquently and thoughtfully written. I have gone to others for readings, but none have resonated more. Even as years have passed, the readings STILL speak to me as if they were meant for the present! Sarah is so highly intuitive, she even could sense a dear cat of our family that had recently passed. Amazing! Sarah never ceases to deliver with her infinite well of knowledge, divine gifts and endlessly open, gentle and kind heart.–Ashley K.

  • Before I got in contact with Sarah in December 2013 I was in a horrible place. I was depressed, over tired, over stimulated, crabby, angry, frustrated, anything bad you can think of that was me. I thought about running away, and never coming back (sounds so childish lol, but I really wanted to), ending my marriage (because that's why I thought I was so unhappy), and just plain giving up. After Sarah's reading, it gave me a whole new outlook of life, and just an overall sense of peace. I have seen "psychics" before, but I was often just seeking reassurance that I was doing the right thing. I sought out anyone who would tell me that I was ok, everything that I was doing was good, and just needed constant reassurance. Well after these few months of working with the angels, and praying more, meditating more, believing in MYSELF for once, I honestly feel like my life has completely changed, and turned around. I am more confident, I do not need someone to tell me its ok, and I am not seeking approval from any and everyone. I start school in a month (something I NEVER would have done before). I finally am finding myself and my calling, and its such a wonderful feeling. One of the even bigger parts to me too, is that my husband Joe is now a believer. He was an alcoholic for years, took pills also, and right around the time I met Sarah was his one year anniversary of being clean. His body was clean, but his mind still wasn't. He was just like I was: negative and depressed. Sarah spoke in the reading in December about his taking a job change, and just going for it. Well he took it, his salary has doubled, he once again has gained confidence, and I feel like the man I fell in love with is back again. If it wasn't for Sarah introducing us to prayer/angels honestly, I know for a fact, my family and I would NOT be making it right now. So I don't want this to sound super cliché, but THANK YOU, thank you, Sarah, so much for literally saving my family.–Dena R.

  • Sarah Hall is a gift, pure and simple . I had an opportunity to be part of a group reading at Voice of our Angels support group, and was amazed at what she relayed to me from my son Brady, who is is in heaven. It was uncanny how she described him, as it was as if she had known him his whole life. The messages she gave me from him were so personal, and so completely what was important to him during the time he spent on Earth, and EXACTLY what I had asked to hear from him. During the meditation part, I asked Brady to step forward first, and to specifically talk about sports, and then I would know it was him. Well you can imagine my shock and surprise, and then complete peace, as we "chatted". It was a gift, and I'm so grateful to Sarah Hall.–Kelly S.

  • My session with Sarah Hall was nothing short of a blessed event. The loving messages and spiritual advice she shared with me, gave a renewed sense of hope in areas of my life. Sarah's connection to the Heavenly Realms is all inspiring and uplifting. Sarah is a warm, compassionate, giving Intuitive and Medium, who shared not only accurate insights into my life, but great empathy and warmth throughout the entire session. I am grateful for and very blessed to know Sarah Hall.–Karen A.

  • I just finished my session with Sarah Hall and it was truly one of thee most powerful transmissions of information from the angels I have ever received in all of my past lives. We went through several past lives and the information, depth of detail and overall feeling was so strong I shed tears from the emotions that were coming back to me. She provided me with much needed clarity on things I have been needing to transmute for a long time. The angels delivered break through after break through and I have already released so much and now I feel great. The thing I especially loved was how enthusiastic and pleasant Sarah was throughout the process. She allowed me to feel completely relaxed and comfortable which made it easy to absorb the information. She was patient, positive and professional. I look forward to working with Sarah again and I will recommend her to all of my friends. Thank you Sarah so much for your assistance! I can’t express how much it meant to me.–Christopher C.

  • I was skeptical of the healing arts before Sarah gave me an email reading. Her knowledge of the intricacies of my life and struggles were beyond any rational explanation. Sarah is one of the most gifted, friendly people I have ever met.–Richie M.